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Medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy for foreigners

The Fyziocentrum Bata Medical Facilities Complex provides health care in the field of medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy to all patients regardless of their nationality provided that their insurance includes the required treatment in physiotherapy. In order to prevent misunderstandings in the care of patients who are not citizens of the Czech Republic, please take note of the following information.


If the foreign patient is not adequately insured they are required to pay for the health care provided. The patient will be informed of any costs before the start of the treatment.


There is no exchange office within the health facility. Patients must therefore carry with them sufficient cash in Czech crowns. The closest exchange office is located in the Atrium Palace Pardubice building at Masarykovo Square 2799, 530 02 Pardubice 1.


Before starting their treatment foreign patients must always bring one of the following valid documents:

  • European Health Insurance Card – a card allowing medical treatment during temporary stays according to contract conditions (type of treatment and length of agreed insurance)
  • A confirmation temporarily replacing the EHIC, a paper form valid for a limited period (3 months from date of issue)
    In order to receive treatment covered by health insurance in the field of physiotherapy it is necessary to have insurance which includes this.

We will deal with each case individually in cooperation with the patient. For further information please contact our administrative centre on phone number + 420 468 006 800 or by email to recepce@fyziocentrum.cz


The health facility does not have foreign language interpreters at its disposal. Any interpreting costs must be met by the patient. Patients should arrange their own interpreter before coming to the facility. If the patient undergoes further therapy, they must be accompanied by an interpreter for each session, otherwise the therapy will not be performed.

The attending physician or physiotherapist will make a note of the use of an interpreter in the medical records.

Information in english (.pdf).